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3PL Claims Programs

We are an outsourcing resource for handling freight broker cargo exposures. While the broker has no liability under the bill of lading, your customers expect you to facilitate their cargo claims. We handle these headaches for you in a smooth an efficient manner. We work with your customer, the carrier and the carrier’s insurance company to expedite the claim process and get claims paid – at a much lower price than you would pay for an in-house claims person.

Rapid Response & Resolution!

We offer custom designed third-party claims administration programs to manage claims for self-insured companies or companies with large deductible exposures anywhere in the Country. Our programs include full claims management lead by senior adjusters with over thirty years of individual experience. We utilize escrow accounts through which claims payments necessitating immediate checks can be made. Our comprehensive monthly management reports track results and assist in refining the program.

We have served as TPA’s for the largest trucking company in Louisiana for over ten years under three different risk managers. We manage every phase of the early response to trucking liability claims, follow through to address issues as they arise, and attempt to resolve exposures quickly. Our goal is to get enough information within the first hours following an accident to pull the trigger on liability. We have an established network of vendors whom can attend to the scene of an accident if needed. For serious claims that occur within an accessible area from our office, we will personally attend to the scene and manage the response from the field. Each program is custom designed to fit the client company and the needs of their insurance markets.

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